the Pink Lining 2011 Spring Summer Collection

Belle and Rollo stock the full range of Pink Lining Changing bags including, Yummy Mummy, Blooming Gorgeous, Mama et Bebe Messenger, Flutter Satchel, Norland Tote, Hospital/Weekend Bag, and new for the Spring Summer 2011 season, the gorgeous Queensdale Tote. Belle and Rollo also stock a range of Pink Lining accessories including bottle holders and changing mats.
Fabulous new colour ways for the Spring Summer 2011 season include, "Peace Blossom", "Grey Doves", and "Love Birds Oatmeal".

Pink lining London was established in 2001 by husband and wife team; Charlotte and Rufus Pearl. As the creative force behind Pink Lining, Charlotte is inspired by her interpretation of her environment as a designer; whilst ensuring the actual bag designs includes all of the practical elements that she requires as a mother of 3 young children under 6 years old.

Pink Lining's bags have fast become must-have items, and are the choice of Claudia Schiffer, Anna Friel, Myleene Klass, and Laura Baily. From €75 (including free courier delivery within Ireland) at http://www.belleandrollo.ie


Preciosa crystal stone by Piercebody.com

Preciosa jewelry is graceful and enhanced globally. Preciosa crystal stone not only shines but sparkles elegantly. These preciosa jewelry is a stone used for making earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Piercebody.com, offers this jewelry in many variant colors and our styles add in an iconoclastic designs where we will be the first to launch. Available in many shapes. The youth prefers to wear crystal pendant. The color preferred is blue. Made of pure silver. The blue color just sparkles. Till date plays an essential role in our lives.

Women tends to wear earrings - ear studs and dropping, suiting their attire. The best par of this earrings is that they can even fit in the casual form or any other outfit. All of these jewelry looks like a high price, since we're the manufacturers we provide the most essential amount.

We present you with a truly remarkable piece of jewelry. If you are a crystal lover then you will never go wrong at Piercebody.com because our crystal jewelry is beautiful and out of worldliness. They play a major role because they help to decorate the body to be more beautiful. Crystal jewelry is becoming one of the best alternatives to modern jewelry. Yet stylish when compared to diamonds and other precious stones.

Earlier there was more of a use in precious stones, they were only known for giving an ethnic look. Crystals, wearing them makes you the center of attraction as you look different from the rest of the people. Mainly, a preferred choice for fashion conscious and the other name for this jewelry is a fashion jewelry. Crystals gives a rise to glamorous and an eye-catching contemporary jewelery designs.

It is also said that crystal jewelry has healing powers and bestows the wearer with good health. Our bracelets is extremely delicate. The appeal of the outstanding piece is obvious at first glance.

An attractive bracelet with 320 stones and measurement of 52mm diameter with the product material of 316l Surgical Steel. They set themselves in 5 different colors- red, aqua, baby pink, AB and clear. They are the most beautiful bracelet for any of your fashion needs. They will always remain a great stack-able bracelet and the hottest for the year. Piercebody.com, currently offers them with free shipping.
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